Age appropriate:

Our philosophy is to teach the right thing at the right time. In this way it speaks to the children and they understand and absorb more deeply, and get the most out of their learning experiences. We are guided by the child’s natural developmental stages


0-7 yo—Willing:

They develop their willing forces first (will and drive to do something). This presents itself in the physical and later becomes what we call mastery. Our curriculum for Kindergarten focusseson physical activities that engage the children body and soul, such as handwork, building, free play; thus encouraging curiosity and later, self-drive.


7-14 yo—Feeling:

Next to develop is their feeling forces (how we relate to our experiences and opposing feelings). Our curriculum allows them to explore feelings, ocussing on how the world is beautiful. Taking this as the over-arching basis, we begin to build their flexible- and creative-thinking muscles. Under the right guidance, this later becomes passion.


14-21 yo—Thinking:

When the children have built a strong foundation in their will (drive) and feeling (interest, passion) forces, their brains are ready for higher, nalytical thinking. Here, our curriculum speaks to that by looking at the world and issues in a discursive, broad and interconnected way. We incorporate movement, fine arts, and practical arts into the study of humanities, science, mathematics, and technology. Done right, this becomes enlightenment.

Music & Movement

  • Gym and games
  • Team sports (G7 onwards)
  • Eurythmy/Dance
  • Singing
  • Musical instruments (e.g. percussion, flute, string instruments)
  • Styles of music and great composers
  • Improvisation
  • Orchestra and choir

Language & Literature

Languages (English, Malay and Mandarin)

Written skills (all languages):

  • From image (storytelling & drawing) to letters/words (writing)
  • Grammar
  • Cursive handwriting (English)
  • Composition writing, poetry, sentence analysis and structure

Verbal skills (all languages):

  • Speaking, listening and comprehension
  • Literature and world literature
  • Speech and drama, plays

History & Geography

  • Fairy tales, folk tales and fables
  • Ancient creation myths
  • Local cultures and stories
  • Local history and geography
  • Ancient civilisations and the Middle Ages
  • Renaissance and age of discovery
  • Modern history incl. revolution, political, economic
  • History of literature, art, music and architecture
  • Political science and philosophy
  • World geography

Nature & Science

  • Forest classroom exploration and observation
  • Culinary
  • Building, farming, gardening
  • Geology
  • Astronomy
  • Human and animal studies
  • Plant kingdom
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology


  • Form drawing
  • Numbers and measurements
  • Money
  • Geometry, fractions and decimals
  • Algebra
  • Basic economics
  • Business maths

Art, Craft & Handwork

  • Knitting, modelling, pottery, sewing, weaving and crocheting
  • Painting, drawing, working with fibre, clothing and embroidery
  • Woodwork and craft