As a person with a wide variety of interests, I feel a strong connection with Waldorf education. It brings me back to a lot of fond childhood memories of how I had picked up various soft skills and how they have later contributed to the success of my career and contentment in life. I now share my experiences, passion and creativity as a teacher. 

There are a lot of things I love doing, mostly anything related to creativity and soft skills. After having a family, I left my 15-year full time job as a graphic designer and 3D animator and went back to my childhood interests - things we can do with our hands like: art, craft, baking, as well as western astrology and spiritual science knowledge along with meditation practices which I find helps with expanding my spiritual growth.

Though loving independent work, I hope to find a supportive group with common interests and passion to grow with. Hopefully a place where everybody works as a united body, where there are encouragements, trusts and freedoms to explore. I also love being close to nature. 

For me, in order to be good at something and have a fulfilling life, I must be persistent in doing what I’m passionate about which I hope will radiate to others naturally.  

I have an aspiration to one day be able to conduct workshops around the world with my partner. 
Work Experiences:
Over two years of working experience as Multimedia Designer and thirteen years of working experience as 3D animator. 
Involved in numerous multimedia, online projects and later on involved with 3D productions like TV commercials, TV series, modelling and animating virtual models for TV programmes for Astro, games productions for PS and Xbox. Also worked with Lucasfilm in the Star Wars series as a 3D character animator.
Attended many areas of Waldorf teachers’ preparation training and workshops since 2011 including Malaysia Primary Waldorf Teachers Training G1-G6 (from 2012 to 2014) and actively teaching and running workshops for handworks since 2012. 

The One Academy of Communication Design
- Diploma in Graphic Design
The Associated Board Of The Royal School Of Music
- Grade 8
I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. I had 8 years of teaching experience, working with children using different approaches such as Montessori, high scope, play-based as well as the conventional method. Besides, I had experience in educational children theater through the involvement in creating & developing drama & children story telling.
I have just completed Primary Teacher certification under Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar. Currently, I am pursuing the Malaysia Waldorf Teacher Preparation (MWTP) Certification. 
I enjoy watching the children grow and learn on their journey with me. It gives me a great sense of pride watching their development and personalities flourish. I enjoy the challenge and different interesting themes in my teaching path that enable me to grow my inner-self and strengthen my skills.

LIM SHIN HUI – Dance Subject Teacher

I graduated from the University of Malaya, with a Master of Physical Education and Bachelor of Performing Arts in Dance. Besides, I’m also a Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) ballet registered teacher.
I work as an independent dance educator, who explores dance from a diverse perspective. I connected strongly in the performing art field, as a part-time dancer, dance researcher, and actively participated in the dance community arts project. I also collaborate with schools, kindergartens, and dance academies. At a younger age, I join LAPAR LAB and Kwang Tung Dance Company (KTDC) as a Part-time dancer. Besides, I was given the opportunity as a research assistant under the University Malaya Research Grant (UMRG) from 2014-2015. In 2016, I was invited to be the dance instructor and choreographer at Beautiful Gate Performing Arts Troupe, a non-profit disabled dance troupe.  The arts community outreach project that I was involved in included Sasaran International Art Festival 2017, Pulau Ketam International Art Festival 2016, and Kuala Sepetang Community Art Carnival 2014. In 2019, I was invited to be part of the Lil Balletto Academy to promote ballet in formal training 
I joined KLSE in 2020 as a part-time dance subject teacher. It is an exciting journey for me to explore not just dance and movement itself but also trying to understand or study the connection and relation within the movement (dance) in each child. I appreciate the progress-oriented instead of product-oriental learning environment that enhances healthy development in the child. I strongly believe that each child is unique and they learn in their own path and movement (dance) is one of the tools for them to experience and express themselves, tell a story or pass a message. It is a form of language.

Lalida Visetrat
I graduated with a Masters Degree in Economics and Finance from Warwick Business School, UK. After working in the financial field for more than 15 years, I took a break to care for my child and that was when I paid much interest in Waldorf Education. Inspired to learn more, I attended many workshops related to Waldorf Education; including, Arts in Waldorf Educations for Primary and Secondary school, Biography, Child Development, and part time course in Outdoor Classroom by Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar, Aus. I started my teaching in 2020 in outdoor handworks; including, gardening, woodworking, and nature classroom. Nonetheless, I also have an interest in early childhood education so I am now pursuing the Early Childhood Education Training by Steiner Education Malaysia (ECEM) as I believe a strong foundation in early childhood will benefit the children in the long run.

Hello! My name is Tan Hui Kee and I’m the music teacher for primary students in KLSS. 

I graduated from University College Sedaya International (UCSI) in year 2008 with Bachelor (Hons.) Degree in Classical Music, major in piano under tutelage of Mr Loo Bang Hean and minor in classical voice. During my university year, I was Awarded ATCL diploma Certificate for Piano Solo Performance by Trinity Guildhall Examination board in year 2006 and later in year 2010 a Grade 7 Classical Vocal with merit by Trinity Guildhall Examination board. 

I started my teaching journey in year 2008 focusing on individual piano lessons and early childhood education for children as young as 3 years old. 

Then in year 2010 I started my own music school named Blue Grass Music & Arts where I had over 10 teachers and 100 students under my care 2 years after opening. In year 2011 I had my certification and dealership for an American music education program focusing on teaching music theory called the Music Mind Games. 

In March 2015, I directed, produced and written the script for my very first musical production called “FUNtastic Disney! The Musical”, which managed to raise over RM10,000 for Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled. Despite all the hard work and success, I decided to sell my school mainly to help out with my husband's family business in May 2015.

However, my teaching journey did not end there. 

I then started my home based music studio named Staccato Music Room where I focused on private piano classes, piano accompaniment for violin exams and performances and Music Mind Games classes for young children. 

During the years of teaching and managing my music school I’ve encountered hundreds (literally!) of parents who struggled to motivate their children to practice the instrument; and children or even teachers who felt miserable learning or teaching music - something I presumed to bring nothing but enjoyment and happiness.  

My curiosity and need in finding a solution led me to discover Waldorf education in year 2018 and I’ve never looked back since then. I have attended various workshops including child development, Waldorf music overview for grades 1-8, biography, and Eurhythmy intensive course. I then joined KLSS in January 2019 and later in October 2019 I underwent the first module of Waldorf Music 3-year teacher training in Philippine under tutelage of Andrea Lyman and Sheila Johns.

Eunice Loh completed her bachelor's degree with honours in Music (Pedagogy and Performance) in USM, Malaysia and also obtained Australian Kodaly Music teacher’s training for secondary with distinctions. She is currently an active music educator and a freelance musician based in Klang Valley. Eunice involves herself greatly in setting up music curriculum for international schools in Malaysia and enjoys exploring on constructing a sustainable music curriculum especially for the high schools with the priority on the student centred learning. Along her pioneer teaching journey, she set up, coaches various ensembles for competitions and performances such as string quartet, string ensemble, choir and SATB recorders ensemble, which she believes everyone in her classroom can sing and play music artistically. 

Eunice started her music education at the age of 6 by learning the piano and followed by the violin under the tutelage of Ms. Lo Mei Yoke and flute under Mr. SK Tan. Despite starting off in Western music, Eunice greatly involved herself in Chinese music as well. She joined, performed and became the conductor of Chung Ling Butterworth Chinese Orchestra (CLBCO) since the age of 14. Eunice studied the arts and techniques of conducting under Maestro Lim Soon Lay and further her studies under Mr. Jiangyang in Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Eunice conducted CLBCO at Zhejiang Yuyao Gaofeng Middle School as part of the interexchange performance program organized by Shanghai's Association of School Education, Shanghai Musicians Association and “Yangtze River Delta” National Orchestra. In 2011, CLBCO under Eunice’s baton, won the Gold with Honours award at the 21st Century International Arts Festival Chinese Orchestra Competition organized by Singapore's 21st Century Cultural Arts Development. She served as the flute principal at the National Chinese Orchestra Camp Concert where Hong Kong's renowned composer, Mr. Luo WeiLun's premiered his new composition. In 2011, she was awarded the excellent conductor award at the National Chinese Orchestra Competition which was supported by Malaysia's Ministry of Education. In April same year, Eunice conducted the live orchestra for an 18-minutes long Chinese animated feature film named "Three Monks", produced in 1980 by the Shanghai Animation Film Studio and premiering in Malaysia.

Eunice also attended various camp concerts and workshops. These include the Taipei Chinese Orchestra International Conducting Competition and forum, Shanghai Conservatory of Music's summer intensive violin and conducting course, Steve Reive's composing forum live in Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and The University of Tokyo Shakuhachi Spring Camp. She is an active performer in many local orchestras and ensembles in both Penang and KL.

Yin Kiat had 6 years experience in the organic industry. Through these 6 years, he handled purchasing, event set-up, retail shop renovation, facilities and maintenance. He was also a farmer in a biodynamic orchard for 2 years.

In 2017, Yin Kiat decided to become a full time carpenter and set-up his own woodwork studio at Batu Arang. This is how his own brand, ARKITSAN came up to market. ARKITSAN main intention is to use recycle wood and eco-friendly material to create his own products. ARKITSAN’s products are made from salvaged wood of deserted furniture or homes. Giving them a second shot in life.

He enjoys doing wood work and wishes to share this joyful experience with everyone. He regularly hosts woodwork workshops for adults and childrens.

In 2018, he started his woodwork teacher journey in Sasana Waldorf school.
In 2022, he also taught in Story Cabin, Pureland and Little Forest.